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    I love this place!

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    Being on such a strict diet for almost half a year and going out of town and eating all the things I don't normally eat, my body not functioning well. I could literally felt a hardened pit in my stomach which caused nausea and vomiting. I was miserable for a week. I decided to the take the plunge and try out colon hydrotherapy. I knew I needed to cleanse my body and rid the toxins that was harming my body.

    I am glad I decided to go to 5.0 Wellness. From the time that I called Lori was very friendly and welcoming. I was able to get an appointment the same day. She is a closed system which is a privately and locally owned by her, which I loved. The atmosphere is very serene and relaxing. During my appointment I enjoyed the fact that during this procedure, it's only her and I. Lori has relaxing music playing in the background to help ease your mind and the process.

    During the procedure, we had a lovely chat which is so knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. Listening to her history and how she came about into this line of work, is truly a miracle story.

    At the end of my first session, I felt drastically relieved with the hardened pit in my stomach nearly gone.

    I went back two days later and had such a great session. By the time I left I felt back to normal. I no longer had the hardened pit in my stomach and I owe it to Lori.

    She's very easy going, down to earth and relate able. Thank you so much Lori for being amazing at what you do.